Whenever you decide to visit Hawaii, you will have a great time meeting friendly people, eating delicious food and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Hawaii has many spectacular islands and depending on a type of trip you are planning to take, each of them has some unique feature. Whether you are searching juts fun, lying on a beach, sunbathing and enjoying the food, or you are more of an adrenaline type, and you like hiking, exploring and diving, Hawaii can offer you almost anything. Check out the best beaches and plan to visit some of them, when you at this beautiful island.


If you want to explore best beaches, food, and culture, then O’ahu is the right choice for you. This is a small island, but a big city. It’s always crowded, a large number of people are on the streets every day, yet, jungle and the beaches are just a few miles away. O’ahu is also famous for food if you aren’t doing anything here, then eat. Try to experience the traditional Hawaiian cousin, and you will be thrilled.


Hawai’I the Big Island

The Big Island is the perfect for the people who love hiking, culture, and wildlife. Kilauea is the world’s most active volcano, and here you will have a unique opportunity to see rivers of lava. The culture on this island is diverse, and you will be invited to participate in various activities, for example, to create lei, or to dance the hula. Wildlife is also spectacular; dolphins will leap, you will see turtles, exotic fish, and humpback whales. So, if adrenaline drives you and you love nature, make sure to visit this island.


This island will give you the most stunning beaches with a glorious sand. No matter what type of beaches do you like, it simply has everything. If you are a fan or surfing, Maui has the biggest waves in the world. Maui has spectacular hiking trails, which stretch through a bamboo forest and climb to high ridgetops. The island of Maui will also provide you a great wildlife, animals, nature and plants.